Buying Guide

Buying a central heating system is the second largest (in cost) long term investment most of us will ever make, buying our home being the first. Most of us buy our new home with the central heating system installed and know nothing or very little about its history.

I'm sure we have all done it, bought a new home, drove 100 yards down the street and seen a car with "For Sale" signs in the windows, and said "tut tut, that car shouldn't be on the road". Yet it passed the MOT test or did it? Let us give your central heating system a full service so you can sleep at night, knowing you and your family are safe. Have you ever checked an MOT certificate or any other for that matter, where your families life may depend on it?

Buying a Central Heating System from Steadfast Gas
Trust us, we don't want to sell you a central heating system that you neither need or want. On the other hand, we do want to sell you a central heating system that meets your needs and future requirements. That's why we take time to listen to your needs and survey your home and suggest a system that will meet your present needs and allow for expansion if or when you or your future home owner decide to expand the property. Central Heating Systems from Steadfast Gas
We regularly check all our sources of suppliers for our central heating systems, as we need to be 100% sure of what we supply to you, our customers, is 100% safe to put in your home and to put our name to it.
• We will come to your home and listen to your needs
• We will carry out a survey of your home and explain the options open to you keeping in mind
   your needs.
• We will explain the options of different types of boilers that will suit your needs and any pitfalls you
   may expect.
• We will advise you on options that could even take into account long term plans for extensions to
   your home in the future should you wish.
• We will walk you through the planned work and piping route options.
• We will discus the boiler placement options and the choice of location.
• We will give an estimate on how long the work will take to complete.
• We will give you an estimate on the full cost of the system and installation.
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