Boiler Repairs

Repairs can be expensive and happen when we least expect our boiler to breakdown. Most repairs can be avoided and problems detected with regular servicing and good maintenance of your central heating system.

Most central heating system boilers breakdown in winter when we need them the most and when they are running to maximum capacity for long hours, and not been serviced. This is why the winter
is also the most difficult time of year to find a Gas engineer that is free to come and repair your boiler.


Most repairs are costly and can be avoided with a good annual service. Just to replace a fan in a
boiler can cost upwards of £250 and to replace a pump £200 upwards a split expansion vessel
£325 upwards. Having your central heating system serviced annually can save you money by extending the life of the parts that can fail.

We can repair any gas appliance you have installed at home, in your caravan or on your boat. All repairs are carried out to the most exacting of standards and we aim to carry out any repairs as quickly as possible with as little inconvenience to you and your family.

We can carry out repairs to your boiler, cooker and gas fire with common parts we stock as standard. If your system is older then parts my need to be ordered.

Our very competitive quotes for both stocked and ordered parts will keep your
costs to a minimum.

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